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: Some suggestions
: thomascandrian March 17, 2014, 11:09:04 AM
As i was not able to create a mantis account (never received the confirmation mail), I write the bugs in here ... sorry for the inconvenience!

Thank you!

: Re: Some suggestions
: franponce87 March 17, 2014, 12:23:32 PM
Hello there! Welcome to Feng Office Forums!
Thank you for reporting these matters. I also have to ask: did you look into your Spam folder in case the email went there?

Then, concerning your reports.. where did you experience this? Was it your server or one of our own? Which Feng Office version?

When adding a Link to an event - Workspace selection dropdown contains & instead of &
True. Should be solved in an upcoming version.

When adding a workspace without having access modification rights a new windows appears and feng behaves strong. Can only be fixed by reloading page.
I am afraid I could understand what you mean.

Adding milestones is kind of weird as they are not visible after adding, only in dropdowns
Indeed, it is odd. Have not designed the best way to do it yet, but bear in mind you need to group tasks by milestones to see them.

Final delete of tasks is often not possible (often rests in trash)
What do you mean exactly? After clicking delete in the trash bin they should get deleted.

due date of task in German translation is wrong (Company name appears instead)
Ouch. Seems like someone working with our translation tool may have mistyped somewhere.

The selected options are not stored. It is uncomfortable to choose every time the same display options while looking at open tasks or creating new objects.
Most of them are. Which ones do you mean though? The ones within the obejcts creation? If so, you are right. That view will be changed in the near future though.

Downloads of HTML-Files (Editor files) arrive as index.php instead of the correct filename, if it contains illegal characters (: * or ")

Upload files often fails, saying the file is too big. On second try, it works most of the times.
That is pretty odd. Any chance your upload or tmp folder do not have 777 permissions everywhere?

Best regards,
: Some sugges
: cicarman August 31, 2015, 03:27:19 AM

sometime I need some notification, that someany user logged in.

I envisagefantasize like this. I select user e.g. Peter and I select for him some sound or music, that will be played when he logged in.

I mean, this is good idea.

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