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: Feng Office Best Web Based Project Management Program
: pom007 September 09, 2017, 08:58:17 AM
          Today I introduced the best FengOffice program for me. Ask what criteria I took. I can use it in 5 minutes, so I try several. This one is the easiest I can get in five minutes, or maybe because I've been munching on it before. Make me use fast This program is a Web Base, it must work on the web, that is, if you use fengoffice, you need a Web Server, MySQL is at least. And most importantly, the Web browser Chrome or Firefox. The advantage of being a Web base is that you can find the server and set up access to information from anywhere.
          And you, do you think and feel like me, the real ones, to know which one is good? Thank you programmers, invent and produce a lot.