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: Implement ISO 9001 using OpenGoo !!!
: Aplam February 27, 2019, 06:13:48 AM
I'm opening this topic to share information related to the implementation of quality systems ISO 9001, using Opengoo as a support tool for process documentation and records management.

ISO 9001 standards can be used in any organization which designs, develops, manufactures, installs and/or services any product or provides any form of service. It provides a number of requirements which an organization needs to fulfill if it is to achieve customer satisfaction through consistent products and services which meet customer expectations. It includes a requirement for the continual  improvement of the Quality Management System.Xvideos (https://ovo.fyi/xvideos/) Xnxx (https://ovo.fyi/xnxx/) Chaturbate (https://ovo.fyi/chaturbate/)

I am currently working on a web marketing company, which certifies these standards, and I am successfully using Opengoo.

Opengoo has a lot of tools to do this work, but needs features like worflows documents, tickets states, traceability and dependency of tasks, custom forms etc...

I hope to get ideas about how to design processes, and record their activities, design documentation system, the system of complaints and nonconformances, internal auditing, quality plan, etc ...

I expect comments, greetings to all.