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: Cannot enter Gmail account
: simonwenger April 12, 2020, 04:42:07 PM
Since 3.7.x (now on I cannot enter my Mail account anymore. I have tried all steps on the Wiki (https://www.fengoffice.com/web/wiki/doku.php/email:gmail_configuration)
Can someone be of help?
The use of Gmail, I guess, should not be a problem?

In more detail:
I try IMAP
I have it enabled in Gmail settings
I do not use 2-way
I have insecure apps enabled
I do not use captcha
I double-checked my credentials
I double-checked the auto-fill settings in feng office, all correct
I do not see a warning in Gmail about an unknown access.
I have used this same account for many years in feng office, this only occured after an update to 3.7.x (with change to PHP5)

Thank you!
: Re: Cannot enter Gmail account
: harrycharlesop August 21, 2020, 08:47:24 AM
try to contact them