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I had the same problem, I had to go back to the previous version, still is any solution?

He agregado algunos textos faltantes en la traducción, no lo hice con el texto:

"Can notify from quick add"

si alguien tiene alguna sugerencia, podría escribirla para poder agregarla

link para quien quiera descargarlo


Ideas / Re: New UI Experience
« on: June 10, 2013, 01:38:54 AM »
Cloud sync? This is the cloud. What more do you want to sync it with?

It would be sweet if it could make your documents available as a webdav site (like dropbox /

I think when he said cloud sync he meant sync with dropbox or similar, actually you can paste a dropbox or any link to upload your document but a deep integration will be better

I agree to assign a dropbox/gdrive/skydrive account to one or all proyects by the APPI would be really nice.

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