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Installation problems / How upgrade to latest from 2.0 Beta 3
« on: March 19, 2019, 03:12:58 PM »
Hello everyone,,
I have an older installation of FengOffice version 2.0 Beta 3 which I'd like to upgrade to the latest version but when I go to I get the message "You already have upgraded to the latest possible version." which is obviously not true.  Any other suggestions on next steps?
Mobdro Lucky Patcher Kodi

Feng Office 2 / "Tabs" dimension
« on: March 17, 2019, 03:55:43 PM »
Hello everyone,,
When I click on a "Tag" name, I get the following error:

Error (FileDnxError)
File 'D:\WebSite\fengoffice/application/views/dashboard/init_overview.php' doesn't exists
And i can't find any file named "init_overview.php".

I use the latest version of FengOffice. Namely: 2.3.2-beta

If someone could help me.

Ladies and Gents,

I REALLY need help with this. Brand new to FengOffice. Just installed it (1.7) on an already working IIS6/PHP/MySQL box and to double check I also have a brand new Ubuntu Server 10.04 LAMP installation with Feng Office 1.7 installed.

I have spent the past two days tearing my hair out trying to get Feng Office to collect email using imap from My Exchange 2007 server. It connects fine and doesn't present any errors - it just says 'Success'  '0 emails received'.

Nothing I have tried works. I know the Imap service is there and working as I can connect to the mail server using Mozilla Thunderbird. Thunderbird is connecting to the mail server using SSL/TLS connectivity security (port 993) and 'Normal Password' as the Authentication method.

Now, I have been reading about imap_php module incompatibility with Exchange 2007 - apparently Exchange 2007 has a bug where it advertises Kerberos/GSSAPI even when its not enabled (it isn't) and so the imap_php module (which defaults to Kerberos auth) can connect to the server but can't retrieve email.

Feng Office seems to use its own imap PEAR module (rather than, but I'm wondering if it has a similar 'default to kerberos auth' issue?

Is there anybody out there with Feng Office happily collecting email via imap from an Exchange 2007? If so please please please can you tell me how you did it?

If not, anybody have any ideas as to how I can fault find this?



I am fairly new to Feng Office.
I installed a version using our hosting providers shared webspace AppWizard (hosting provider is Strato).
The installed version was 2.1.

I did a backup of the installation by downloading the whole fengoffice folder via FTP and a MySQL export using phpMyAdmin.

I then tried to upgrade to version but couldn't complete the upgrade as I cannot run the plugin upgrade script. (shared hosting without console access).

So I deleted all files from the FengOffice folder, deleted the database completely and re-uploaded the backup I made and imported the database export.

Now, everything seemed fine, except that all documents are corrupted. Please help me! Fortunately the system was only in test use at the moment but a lot of the structure for the actual shared workspace of my company was already present with over 200+ offers, invoices, ect. already uploaded. If this would happen with the actual system my boss would certainly kill me!

Can the file system be restored?

Feng Office 3 / update through php script fails
« on: March 14, 2019, 08:45:49 AM »
I cannot run the update script without error, although the confif/ folder IS writable.
See output of ssh console:

[simonwen@s34:~/www/f2] $ php public/upgrade/console.php
Config file found and loaded.
File '/config/config.php' exists and is writable
Error: Folder '/config' is not writable
2017-01-04 16:49:50 - Updating plugins...
2017-01-04 16:49:50 - Finished plugins update.

[simonwen@s34:~/www/f2] $ ls -l
total 14780
-rw-r--r--     1 simonwen  simonwen      2560 Jan  6  2015 Thumbs.db
drwxr-xr-x     8 simonwen  simonwen      4096 Jan  4 17:35 application
drwxrwxrwx     2 simonwen  simonwen      4096 Jan  4 17:35 cache
-rw-r--r--     1 simonwen  simonwen      1254 Sep 16 10:57 ck_upload_handler.php
drwxrwxrwx     2 simonwen  simonwen      4096 Jan  4 17:35 config

Where am I blind?

Feng Office 3 / compatibility with PHP 7.2?
« on: March 14, 2019, 08:39:52 AM »

I am using Community Edition version and have not been able to update ever since. When I install a new version (which I have done before plenty of times) I get a DB error.
But that's not why I am asking for your help :-)

My provider has announced that support for PHP 5.6. will be stopped by dec 2018. Yesterday they have switched and my installation was no longer accessible. I was able to switch back to 5.6. for the moment, but support will definately terminate by the end of the year.

My questions:
- is a newer version of FengOffice compatible with the new standard? -> then I will try to get around the update error
- is there a workaround for the outdated version? -> in case I cannot update my installation

Thanks so much for your help!

Feng Office 3 / E-mail autoclassification by some criteria?
« on: March 13, 2019, 07:54:46 AM »

Can subj. be done? For example, I have several Imap subfolders and I want to classify each subfolder to different workspace or tag. Of cause, I can try to use different e-mail accounts to this, but if I change e-mail password it will be difficult to change each account.


Feng Office 3 / Not possible to get a acount on BugSquad
« on: March 13, 2019, 07:50:36 AM »

I cant get registred a account at your BugSquad, i dont recive the passwordemail.

I have a few bugs that makes Feng out-of-use to its fixed:
Session "default" started at 2014-12-19T22:03:02+0000
#1 DEBUG: BAD, Error in IMAP command FETCH: Invalid messageset
#2 DEBUG: BAD, Error in IMAP command FETCH: Invalid messageset
#3 DEBUG: BAD, Error in IMAP command FETCH: Invalid messageset
#4 DEBUG: BAD, Error in IMAP command FETCH: Invalid messageset
#5 DEBUG: BAD, Error in IMAP command FETCH: Invalid messageset
#6 DEBUG: BAD, Error in IMAP command FETCH: Invalid messageset
#7 DEBUG: BAD, Error in IMAP command FETCH: Invalid messageset
#8 DEBUG: BAD, Error in IMAP command FETCH: Invalid messageset
#9 DEBUG: BAD, Error in IMAP command FETCH: Invalid messageset
#10 DEBUG: BAD, Error in IMAP command FETCH: Invalid messageset
#11 DEBUG: BAD, Error in IMAP command FETCH: Invalid messageset
#12 DEBUG: BAD, Error in IMAP command FETCH: Invalid messageset
#13 ERROR: Error: Undefined variable: lastReceived in '/public_html/crm/plugins/mail/application/helpers/MailUtilities.class.php' on line 1021 (error code: 8)
#14 DEBUG: BAD, Error in IMAP command FETCH: Invalid messageset
#15 DEBUG: BAD, Error in IMAP command FETCH: Invalid messageset
Time since start: 1.3036210536957 seconds

Feng Office 3 / Dashboard does not load in the Turkish language
« on: March 13, 2019, 02:18:33 AM »

When I select the English language, the dashboard loading

But when I select the Turkish language, dashboards null

Feng Office 3 / Problem with the permissions They do not work right
« on: March 11, 2019, 08:41:23 AM »
Help.  When I remove users to a workspace it does not remove them.   

Or I may add a new workspace then everyone is enrolled in it. Lorem Ipsum Temp Mail 10 Minute Mail  When I look at the drag and drop they are not.

It seems like the system is having a hard time writing the permission status to the database or getting it back.

Any ideas??????

Feng Office 3 / Context menu and spellcheck conflict
« on: March 11, 2019, 08:40:23 AM »
I tried to report through your Mantis system but Omegle Appvalley I never received any registration confirmation emails, and it will not allow to login anonymously.

FO Community edition

When editing in a text field and some spelling mistakes were found by the browser (e.g. Chrome), user cannot right click on the wrong word to correct the spelling mistake because a FO context menu will pop up and ask if the user wants to copy or cut the selected word.

The problem can be repeated anytime.

Expected result:
The FO context menu should not appear, because the user is not selecting the whole word, he just right click on the word.  Alternatively, FO can have a built-in spell checker

Feng Office 3 / Subscribgin users to a task
« on: March 04, 2019, 02:38:18 PM »
I'm having some trouble subscribing users to a task after task creation.  Sarkari Result Pnr Status Showbox

I forgot to add a user to a task (subscribe), so I edited the task and subscribe that user to the task. Save the changes, but the user is not added to the subscription. He have the right permissions.

What I'm doing  wrong?

Feng Office 3 / Google Calendar sync never worked
« on: March 04, 2019, 02:36:28 PM »
Hi to everyone.
Feng is brilinat. I'm using this solution since few years and it helps me much. Unfortunately I never setup Google Calendar sync with luck. This is not related to one particular server and installation. Within mentioned few years I've installed Feng on few servers, few different versions and few upgrades and also tried to sync with few different google accounts. Currently I'm running 3.5-beta (recently updated from 3.4) and sync still not working.

After many unsuccessful attempts and many hours spended on the web trying to find any help I figured out how to test. I've just created trial account of Feng hosted by And guess what?! Calendar sync is not working! Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire

At the beginning I thought that my problems are related  to onsite installation (php config or other), but after tests on the official installation at it looks like "synchronization pane" is bunch of interface controllers which actually does nothing?

So my question is:

Is anybody here who has working calendar synchro?


Feng Office 2 / Calender Monthly display missing the first day.
« on: March 04, 2019, 06:56:46 AM »
When I load up the Calender in Monthly view, to see 'everyone', and no filters. Somehow for full day events, the first day (i.e. first box top left corner of calender) is always blank. However, if I put it to weekly view, all of the events suddenly reappears again.

Am I missing some setting somewhere?


Fengoffice version: 2.6.1 Community edition
PHP 5.3
Apache 2.2
MySQL 5.0

Clients tested on:

Firefox 24.5, CentOS 5
Chrome 35.0, Win2k3 srv
Firefox 28.0, Win7

Feng Office 2 / Probem with "percentage completed" in tasks
« on: March 04, 2019, 06:55:50 AM »

I believe it's kinda bug. There is a problem with Percent Completed in tasks. Omegle Appvalley  For example I can create a new task and set Percents Completed value to 50. In overview I'll see 50% done in percentage color bar. But if I try to edit and save this task setting any other value in Percents Completed field, I would see 0 % done in overview.

The bug is fully replicatable on Feng Office CE 2.2.4 and

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