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I had the same error message, when I tried to edit my course elements in Moodle quizzes. I gave up finally, does anyone have a fix for this? I have an integration of Feng 2.3 with ResourceSpace and Moodle.

Feng Office 3 / Re: Context menu and spellcheck conflict
« on: November 11, 2019, 09:56:18 AM »
I tried to report through your Mantis system but I never received any registration confirmation emails, and it will not allow to login anonymously.

FO Community edition

When editing in a text field and some spelling mistakes were found by the browser (e.g. Chrome), user cannot right click on the wrong word to correct the spelling mistake because a FO context menu will pop up and ask if the user wants to copy or cut the selected word whe I do my essay today.

The problem can be repeated anytime.

Expected result:
The FO context menu should not appear, because the user is not selecting the whole word, he just right click on the word.  Alternatively, FO can have a built-in spell checker


I had this issue in Firefox too. I tried hunspell dictionaries, not aspell. When I installed  the hunspell-en package, the issue was fixed. But in FO, it would be great to have a built-in spell checker.

Installation problems / Re: How upgrade to latest from 2.0 Beta 3
« on: July 31, 2019, 05:38:43 AM »
Hello everyone,,
I have an older installation of FengOffice version 2.0 Beta 3 which I'd like to upgrade to the latest version but when I go to I get the message "You already have upgraded to the latest possible version." which is obviously not true.  Any other suggestions on next steps to
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You may use any of Installatron's products. I upgraded to Feng Office activating Automatic Update feature from Installatron. Here's the resource I used:

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