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Installation problems / Transfer problems
« on: April 03, 2011, 11:42:18 PM »
Hi, here's a problem that I cannot resolve...

Our installation of Feng Office was becoming quite big and took a lot of ressources of a shared hosting services.

So we bought a Dedicated server for it.

the transfer went OK, I deleted the cache files and everything should be fine, it works well in Firefox 4... but have a bizare problems in Chrome 10 / ie9

cannot log in... no error, no messages, when trying to log in, when just bounce back to the log in screen.

We used to work feng with chrome (since it was the fastest) but now only Firefox 4 seams to be able to log in.

Maybe I screwed the Apache/PHP/MySQL install somewhere, but i cannot think of any setting that will cause a webapps to work only in firefox....

any ideas ?

Professional Services / Our use of FengOffice
« on: March 13, 2011, 02:31:47 PM »
Who we are
We are a conglomerate company, meaning we are multple compagny regroup under one banner but are totaly separate entities and each one have a representative in the Conglomerate Administration, But the conglomerate cannot dictate each company what to do...

We say we have a starfish type of enterprise, each branche have it's own brain, no central brain deciding for all.
some of the companies :
Créations Xagone
VotreEspace Services Internet (me)
JC Communication Graphique
Québec Infor

Primary use
Project management, Document sharing, time & tasks.

Work scenario
Each companie have its own "context" in FO, and each project is sub-contexts, we have removed email and calendar since we already use Google Apps. We create tasks/documents/notes and assign it to compagnies/users under the project and sub projects, we all get notify when something is done and we can easely do a timesheet to create internal invoices.

What's missing
- Dashboard configurabilities (ex : i dont want activity report, but only task, and my college dont want task, but the activity repport)
- Context personnalisations, we love the color dots, but a favicon type of dot would be better
- a "last thing YOU did" on the dashboard would be great.
- sub weblinks, like we point to a website, and in my case, a particular page we have to "copyrerite"
- report exemples! it took me a week to figure out how to report properly... would have been easyer with an exemple!

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