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1.3 final / visibility of owner company not always correct
« on: April 06, 2009, 02:49:58 PM »
The owner company will always appear in the "assign to:" field of a new task, even if the owner company is not associated with a workspace.

That's okay so far. the owner company should perhaps appear at all times.

But then when viewing all tasks grouped by "assigned to", a task assigned to the owner company from someone of another company can't be resolved properly- the "assigned to" information says "company not found" or more precisely (in my case": "Missing lang.js: company not found"

So the dropdown box "assigned to" doesnt reflect the contacts to which the user has permissions to.

The same error happens with contacts. a user from another company can issue tasks to a user from the owner company, but in the "assigned to" grouped view, it will appear under "User not found (id:6)".

Ideas / Deep Linking Documents - Wiki style - Bounty offered
« on: April 01, 2009, 06:41:54 PM »
Hey, perhaps this feature tdea could be something that i could sponsor the development of: Bounty coders, take note!

I'm slightly frustrated because the excellent document editor doesn't allow me to make interlinked documents. Or does it?

What I'd like to do:

* see a document full-screen, or almost full screen, to read it. The action/Properties/comments panels etc. that surround the document view make the document window so small. They should be foldable, or at least the document window should automatically scale (vertically) to fill the remaining space. As it stands now, you get a better view of your document if you edit it, because then all these panels are out of the way... but of course, in edit mode, links don't work. (By the way, the document is styled differently in edit mode and in view mode - at least I get serif typefaces in view where the editor shows sans.)

* be able to link to another document. This should be obvious.
However AFAIK it's not possible at the moment, there's only an option to download the HTML document. Not to view it.

I'd like to suggest two different modes of viewing, which could probably be implemented as actions in the files application: would simply serve the file as if it were an HTML file on the web server, effectively making the documents editor a real web server. would serve the file as if it were an HTML file on the web server, but retain the Goo interface frames (workspace, application buttons, etc) around it. Preferrably with the actions ("Edit this page") in a corner. This would make the content editor a basic wiki system.

and now if you also added a feature to call pages by their names instead of their IDs, that would almost be a real wiki system, wouldn't it? It would overcome the problem of versioning: show only the latest version of this document.

Of course it would also be super duper slick if the "add link" function of fckEditor could work for all internal entities, just as when you link e.g. a contact to a task. That minibrowser is sooo cute!

1.3 final / minor styling problems in calendar
« on: April 01, 2009, 09:11:06 AM »
in month view on large monitors, the header panel of the calendar scales while the cells of the dates have a fixed maximum height. This happened to me in a current firefox as well as in Google Chrome. See attached.

Also: when looking at several projects at once they're color coded in the week view, but not in Month view. It would surely make sense to maintain the color coding in all views...

1.3 final / SOLVED: upgrade 1.3 to 1.3.1. not available
« on: March 27, 2009, 03:29:57 PM »
when using the upgrade function from the administration controls, it says there is no upgrade available - but i'm on 1.3 and 1.3.1. has just been published?

Installation problems / email not working - how to debug this?
« on: March 24, 2009, 06:52:33 PM »
I've just installed opengoo on a brand new ubuntu VirtualBox.
I am not certain that my apache2 or PHP are set up properly.
I can connect to the ubuntu VM from outside, and of course I can access the web from ubuntu.

OGOO installation went super-smooth and everything seems to work except mail sending:

1) Using the test mailer gives me "failed to send test message" (now wouldn't you just love a longer answer here). I have triple-checked the global mail settings.

2) using the email app i *can* send emails, but when i try to get new mail (via IMAP) theres always "email retrieval complete: 0 emails received" although there should be 7976 emails in that inbox.

log.php tells me no errors when i try 1).
when i try 2) (get imap emails) I get

Session "default" started at 2009-03-24T21:40:56+0000
#1 ERROR: Error: fsockopen() [<a href='function.fsockopen'>function.fsockopen</a>]: unable to connect to tcp:// (Failed to parse address &quot;;) in '/var/www/opengoo/library/PEAR/Net/Socket.php' on line 138 (error code: 2)

( is our local mail server. ubuntu can ping it.)

any ideas? where else can I look for errors regarding 1) ?

Ideas / Poor Man's Syncing
« on: March 24, 2009, 10:39:13 AM »
I understand from a few older posts here that actual syncing via SyncML is somehow on the agenda, but not on the roadmap so far, i.e. you don't currently have any release dates planned... but in the meantime could you comment on one or two possible ways of doing a sync for mobile devices anyway?

Here's an idea:
* there already is an ical-export feature. Now couldn't you change the exporter function so that for a specific URL it would return all calendar entries (for a specific set of wrkspaces that i've access to) (for a given interval of time, say 1 month ago and all future entries) without the need of submitting a form, just by calling a URL?
I fantasize that this would be enough for me to subscribe to that ical file within thunderbird / lightning as if it were a live ical server - and then I'd know how to sync the stuff into my mobile phone from there. It would obviously be read-only for now, but hey, that's better than nothing...!

Similar thing with addresses:
* cheapest way here would be if the address book were exported in a field order of my preset, e.g. the Thunderbird Address Book preset. That way at least I'd need only three clicks to re-import the addresses out of OGoo into TB every few weeks. Again, that's read-only for now, but better than nothing.

I suppose I could write that my own if i scrape together my little knowledge of PHP. But I could also imagine there are bounty coders around in this forum perhaps?

of course then one could also think of implementing the full groupDAV protocol
Have you developers any thoughts on this?

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