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Feature requests / Re: Preload pages in background
« on: August 12, 2009, 05:09:58 PM »
Ah, Carlos,

(sorry if i'm flooding you with posts today, hope you enjoy it ;)

How about a few selectors for the overview pane (I'm talking about the list view here, which i use most of the tim)

* show only events from today / the last xxxx hours / only new since my last visit
* filter by event type (show/hide... comments / tasks / documents / events)
* filter by action committed (marked as finished / changed tag / created new etc.)
* filter by user / Company
* filter by tag ... wait, that's already there! GREAT!

...i could ad-lib on that topic for a while, but let's leave it at that for now.

Feature requests / Re: SyncML
« on: August 12, 2009, 05:01:46 PM »

I've been in contact with conrado at feng about this a week ago.
Everyone, how about sponsoring this feature together?

I'm still awaiting their cost estimate, but I'm certain already that if some of us share the cost it would be much easier to sponsor...!

 come on, let's lend them a hand!

Feature requests / Re: from testing at BEL project
« on: August 12, 2009, 04:57:27 PM »
Hey Bear,

have you tried the (rather simple, skeletal, maybe good-enough) chat application by mirko and Tide?

it apparently worked when I tried it a while ago. And it does all you want.

(I'm just no fan of another communications channel, so I dumped it)

Feature requests / Re: Sharing Public Calendars
« on: August 12, 2009, 04:52:57 PM »
carlos said:
(or with improving the iCal feeds, any ideas?)


1. obviously syncML would be the way to go. But that's enough said for protocols.

2. while we have no two-way syncML, in the meantime iCal one-way sync as it already exists isn't that bad. I use it a lot!

3. No matter what syncing protocol you'd use, the following could be improved:

3.1 it lacks a few important/useful fields, to quote myself:
* Alarms are not exported (ical: VALARM)
* Participation Status (PARTSTAT) would theoretically also be available
* time Zone? I haven't tested anything there yet.
* Tags from oGoo could go into CATEGORIES
* Workspace from oGoo could be replicated in DESCRIPTION, perhaps?
* LOCATION (not used in oGoo yet, but would be useful for the future, as I believe it's a heavily used field)

3.2. and it doesn't export milestones.

3.3 and Tasks - theoretically ical supports these, let's have them already!

3.4 One insanely great feature of opengoo is that you can subscribe to all childen of a parent workspace, just by subscribing to the parent. I basically have structured our whole workspace architecture around that - one tree for all current projects, one tree for all users' public calendars, one for my family, etc. - but it would be fabulous if the filter settings on the calendar pane (view everyones calendar / view my calendar) and filters by tag could also be stored in the form of an ical subscribe-to link. So that I could actually subscribe with thunderbird to ."all entries from all of my colleagues tagged "vacation". And have them combined smartly as a layer within my great big master sunbird calendar.

3.5. The calendar pane could also use checkboxes to hide/show tasks, milestones, birthdays and events individually.

3.6. There is this thing with birthdays that I probably haven't posted yet - if I have the "can manage contacts" permission (which we grant to everyone in the company) then I see every birthday of every contact. Now if I invite everyone in the company to use UpenGoo for their private adresses, too, then this generates an ugly amount of birthdays of strangers = noise.
Better solution would be to show only birthdays of contacts assigned to this workspace.

need more?  :o

Applications / Re: file info - freemind viewer plugin
« on: August 11, 2009, 01:04:48 PM »
I've just tried out XMind and felt like it's going quite a bit further than Freemind, with about the same degree of open-Sourceness to it. Never mind their commerial model, though. They do want to create a Mash-up-API which hopefully would allow us to integrate it into OpenGoo as well.

Have you compared MindMeister and XMind yet? I'd be curious.

YES! seems to have fixed it.
thanks a lot!

When creating an object from a template, the description of the template should be shown above the form. As it is now, the description is only visible to the admin who looks at the template's property page.

o, and furthermore, the template description escapes all special characters with their HTML-entities like " etc.

How To's / Re: missing tag value in templates
« on: August 10, 2009, 03:19:57 PM »
The Problem that many properties of a task are not inherited when you create a template from that task still exists.

It also pertains to other properties. Not only tags, but also subscribers and assignees are apparently not copied from the template task.

Oh, and obviously it would be great to be able to use parameters for not only strings and dates, but also for users (assign to...).

Older versions / Cannot open a task in new window
« on: August 10, 2009, 03:11:41 PM »
to right-click and "open in new window" doesnt work on a task in the task list. It only opens the overview screen because the links on the task items aren't deep.

However the plug-in "open in new window" does provide a link also for tasks that can open in a new window properly.

So this is possibly just a matter of formatting the links differently?

Older versions / Re: Tags of subtasks are ignored in sort-by-tag view
« on: August 07, 2009, 03:24:23 PM »
What helped us to get over this is a simple trick:
The parent task must not be assigned to anyone
the child tasks must be assigned to someone.

Then the list view will show the task grouped in one, but only under the parents' tag when I set the filter to "assigned to everyone's",

but when I set the filter to "assigned to me" then I can see at least the subtasks unter both tags.

So we're attempting to use parent tasks only as "holders" which don't contain actionable items. Then this is a functioning workaround.
Somehow these rather complex filtering mechanisms do need a lot of getting used to, but then you can work around most of the quirks. However it does require a rather bold regime to not loose overview once you have a few hundred tasks in your teams' lists.

We're actually just getting used to opengoo, but we're spending quite some time with it here and hopefully we'll have a few "best-practice" examples written down soon which we could share with others for discussion.

Keep up the good work, guys!

Older versions / Tags of subtasks are ignored in sort-by-tag view
« on: August 07, 2009, 08:30:38 AM »
I have a task "A" tagged "1" and it has a subtask "B" tagged "1" and "2".
Now in Tasks view sorted by tags, task B only appears as a subtask to A under the tag list "1".
I believe that Task B should also appear on its own under the tag list "2", no?

I've also included the tags class which should also be patched according to this thread.

Hey, I had the same missing toolbar icons problem as described in this thread, and i also had the same problem downloading the PHP attachment. I tried three different methods,

1) download it with DownThemAll download manager
2) download with the regular firefox download manager
3) download it with right-click & "save link as..:"

and the first two methods always ended up with concatenated files, 4 out of 4 tries.
Method 3 worked immediately.

I have never had this problem before.

However, having checked that all files end with ?> now I'm all patched up and happy again.

Older versions / Re: 1.5.1. - No Gui for new Documents and Presentations
« on: August 05, 2009, 11:27:35 AM »
...and here!

Older versions / Re: 1.5 final: imap email syncs only 10 mails
« on: August 03, 2009, 12:43:50 PM »
Hi Ignacio,

thank you for the speedy reply. This is one of the reasons i love openGoo.

OpenGoo doesn't work like regular IMAP clients.

the way you describe it it works just like a pop client that doesn't delete the messages from the server, no?

That is unfortunately a killer for large mailboxes and i'm afraid that it won't scale well. (I believe the mail storage in our small company runs to more than 80 GB already - for about seven users.)
So, I believe it's pretty incompatible with the way most users treat their inboxes.

On my mobile phone I have a mail client which allows me to
a) define "get only emails newer than... days"
b) define "get only the latest ... mails"
c) define "get only unread messages"
d) define "download only messages smaller than .... kb"

and with those few features I'm already able to work with my otherwise huge mailboxes. I'd love such an option for a start.

As to why you are getting 10 emails, this is because there's a config option on "Administration" / "Configuration" / "Mailing" that tells how many emails you can fetch at once

doh. my apologies. I totally did not see it.

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