Author Topic: new instalation - problem with login/logut diferent users than admin  (Read 1515 times)


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I have a clean installation of FengOffice 3.4;
installation done by hand, copied files manually set up clean database; then the installer, the first login to the setting administrator password; add a new user (login name / password) and now I have a problem:

1. logoff the user "admin"
2. In the login window enter login/password the new user and button "login"
3. The panel shows me correctly but I still have the logged-on user "admin" and not new; entered logins do not give anything, user logs in previous admin
4. situation sometimes looks different - after entering the username / password, the new user panel shows me but with a window for logging (such as if a long time doing nothing) in which the message "Your session expired due to inactivity. Fill out this form to login again. " - Proposed user is "admin", enters the new user + password and I still have the same box - do not accept the new user credential; When you type data admin it goes correctly and you can work

checked on browsers Firefox, Safari, IE - always cached clean etc.
Web Hosting -
I also tried "automatic" instalation fengoffice (Instalatron) but the results the same

thanks for the help