Author Topic: Billing Options Are Disabled / Can't Create New CLIENT Company  (Read 2749 times)


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Billing Options Are Disabled / Can't Create New CLIENT Company
« on: January 15, 2017, 04:50:05 AM »

I'm a bit frustrated here, I just installed my copy of FengOffice and I love it but I am having some problems. First off, when I go to setup billing and invoicing, most of the options are disabled. The only option that is available is "billing categories" and the rest of the options below them are grayed out and do nothing when I click on them. Can someone please help me to enable this? Thanks. Screenshot is attached hereto.

Also, I am having problems finding how to add a CLIENT company. I want to be able to add a client's company that we are doing work for and be able to use this software not only to manage MY company's internal matters, but use it as project management for our clients as well. Can someone please give me some insight? Thank you so so much. I love this program I just need to get it setup correctly!

UPDATE:  I cannot add a screenshot, this forum will not let me upload any documents.


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