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Incomplete translations
« on: February 26, 2018, 07:14:19 AM »

I just finished translation of zh_tw from CE, the original one is horrible and confusing.
But from the dashboard screen, it seems there are some elements not included in the files I translated. (picture attached)

There were 12 files in the original zh-tw folder:
- actions.php
- administration.php
- calendar.php
- countries.php
- emails.php
- errors.php
- general.php
- messages.php
- objects.php
- project_interface.php
- site_interface.php
- timezones.php

I also copied these files from en_us folder and translated them.
- fields.php
- help.php
- more.php
- reporting.php
- upgrade.php

Is there any other files I missed?  Thank you.
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