Author Topic: ‘Dental Training Isn’t Important’ and Other Myths You Shouldn’t Believe  (Read 657 times)


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When you graduate from dental school, you would assume the world is your oyster. You will set up your practice and have patients come in from the get go. That’s the dentist’s dream, and it is achievable. However, you have to focus on your business and stay professional if you want to keep growing your practice. Often, dentists fall into the trap of believing certain myths about running a dental practice. Eventually, these misconceptions end up costing them big time. For instance, you might read online that dental training isn’t important. However, that isn’t the only myth you will come across.

Here are some other myths you need to sidestep:

Dental Training Isn’t Important
Obviously, you wouldn’t be licensed to operate as a professional dentist if you don’t have the requisite credentials. What this means if that you have the training and education necessary to perform checkups, treatments, and even dental surgeries. However, this doesn’t mean your business sense is on par with other, more experienced dentists. Regardless of the fact that you are new to the business, each dental practice in your vicinity is your direct competitor. With adequate training, you can manage and organize your Front Office Training, cutting out inefficiency and reducing operational costs.

Your Front Office Staff Can Only Handle Menial Tasks
A common oversight among dentists is that they use their front office staff for only menial tasks. You should keep in mind that the purpose of hiring employees is to make your life easier. An effective way of going about this is providing your employees the necessary dental training they need to become more valuable members of your team. Keep in mind that your receptionist or assistant is responsible for converting leads into customers. They should have the skills to handle calls effectively, so they can improve your chances of acquiring new patients.

The First Impression Doesn’t Matter
Also, don’t ignore the fact that your staff greets every visitor to your office. Your patients only see you when they have an appointment. The interaction they have with your front office staff has to be professional and first-rate. As they say, first impression is the last impression. Making a good first impression can go towards helping you retain patients and generate repeat business. Your patient satisfaction depends on not only the quality of services you offer but also the professionalism of your staff.
These are a few myths that you should ignore if you want to take your dental practice to the next level. More importantly, you have to invest in dental training for your staff to maximize your revenue and boost profitability in the long run.