Author Topic: Failed upgrade and restoration of files and database leads to corrupted document  (Read 833 times)


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I am fairly new to Feng Office.
I installed a version using our hosting providers shared webspace AppWizard (hosting provider is Strato).
The installed version was 2.1.

I did a backup of the installation by downloading the whole fengoffice folder via FTP and a MySQL export using phpMyAdmin.

I then tried to upgrade to version but couldn't complete the upgrade as I cannot run the plugin upgrade script. (shared hosting without console access).

So I deleted all files from the FengOffice folder, deleted the database completely and re-uploaded the backup I made and imported the database export.

Now, everything seemed fine, except that all documents are corrupted. Please help me! Fortunately the system was only in test use at the moment but a lot of the structure for the actual shared workspace of my company was already present with over 200+ offers, invoices, ect. already uploaded. If this would happen with the actual system my boss would certainly kill me!

Can the file system be restored?
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