Author Topic: Feng Office Imap and Exchange 2007 - no email retrieval.  (Read 979 times)


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Feng Office Imap and Exchange 2007 - no email retrieval.
« on: March 14, 2019, 05:18:39 PM »
Ladies and Gents,

I REALLY need help with this. Brand new to FengOffice. Just installed it (1.7) on an already working IIS6/PHP/MySQL box and to double check I also have a brand new Ubuntu Server 10.04 LAMP installation with Feng Office 1.7 installed.

I have spent the past two days tearing my hair out trying to get Feng Office to collect email using imap from My Exchange 2007 server. It connects fine and doesn't present any errors - it just says 'Success'  '0 emails received'.

Nothing I have tried works. I know the Imap service is there and working as I can connect to the mail server using Mozilla Thunderbird. Thunderbird is connecting to the mail server using SSL/TLS connectivity security (port 993) and 'Normal Password' as the Authentication method.

Now, I have been reading about imap_php module incompatibility with Exchange 2007 - apparently Exchange 2007 has a bug where it advertises Kerberos/GSSAPI even when its not enabled (it isn't) and so the imap_php module (which defaults to Kerberos auth) can connect to the server but can't retrieve email.

Feng Office seems to use its own imap PEAR module (rather than, but I'm wondering if it has a similar 'default to kerberos auth' issue?

Is there anybody out there with Feng Office happily collecting email via imap from an Exchange 2007? If so please please please can you tell me how you did it?

If not, anybody have any ideas as to how I can fault find this?