Author Topic: Error occurred when trying to connect with the email server  (Read 589 times)


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I installed  Feng Office on a local server in my office
Apache/2.4.39 (Win64) PHP/7.1.30

I can not properly configure the mail.

Error found:
Error occurred when trying to connect with the email server.
Mail server response:
Generic login error

This in the Log file:

Session "default" started at 2019-07-17T19:30:01+0000
#1 ERROR: Error: fsockopen(): unable to connect to ssl:// (Unable to find the socket transport "ssl" - did you forget to enable it when you configured PHP?) in 'C:\Server\data\htdocs\feng\library\PEAR\Net\Socket.php' on line 226 (error code: 2)
    Generic login error
Time since start: 0.068810939788818 seconds

I enabled the extension on the server:

I think it might be a problem with the certificate ssl
There is a detailed guide for how to install the ssl certificate in my local server?

Same problem with Gmail accounts:

Session "default" started at 2019-07-17T20:05:50+0000
#1 FATAL: Error: Call to undefined function str_sstr_starts_with() in C:\Server\data\htdocs\feng\library\PEAR\Net\Socket.php:198
    Stack trace:
    #0 C:\Server\data\htdocs\feng\library\PEAR\Net\IMAPProtocol.php(189): Net_Socket->connect('ssl://imap.gmai...', 993, NULL, '60', Array)
    #1 C:\Server\data\htdocs\feng\library\PEAR\Net\IMAP.php(70): Net_IMAPProtocol->cmdConnect('ssl://imap.gmai...', 993)
    #2 C:\Server\data\htdocs\feng\library\PEAR\Net\IMAP.php(48): Net_IMAP->connect('ssl://imap.gmai...', 993, NULL)
    #3 C:\Server\data\htdocs\feng\plugins\mail\application\models\mail_accounts\MailAccount.class.php(371): Net_IMAP->Net_IMAP(NULL, 'ssl://imap.gmai...', 993, NULL, Array)
    #4 C:\Server\data\htdocs\feng\plugins\mail\application\controllers\MailController.class.php(3434): MailAccount->imapConnect()
    #5 C:\Server\data\htdocs\feng\environment\classes\controller\Controller.class.php(76): MailController->check_mail_account_connection()
    #6 C:\Server\data\htdocs\feng\environment\classes\controller\PageController.class.php(62): Controller->execute('check_mail_acco...')
    #7 C:\Server\data\htdocs\feng\environment\classes\Env.class.php(133): PageController->execute('check_mail_acco...')
    #8 C:\Server\data\htdocs\feng\init.php(177): Env::executeAction('mail', 'check_mail_acco...')
    #9 C:\Server\data\htdocs\feng\index.php(7): require('C:\\Server\\data\\...')
    #10 {main}
Time since start: 0.065261125564575 seconds