Author Topic: Use Scribd API to be able to quickly view documents and search their contents  (Read 1757 times)

Miloš Kroulík

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I would like to preview my documents directly in OpenGoo in iPaper format (flash viewer by Sribd). I think, it would be ideal, if I can preview document from document detail view. In the same manner it would be nice, if I can preview document from detail view of another object, that is linked to document.

Another advantage is that Scribd converts document to txt in the background and it is possible to inject it to documents by means of API. I consider it wonderful, since it definitely wouldn't be possible otherwise on shared hosts.

But I know, that Max mentioned in his entry about viewers:
Both are unusable in the context of openGoo because of their digital rights restrictions. But I take them as proof of concept that it can be done nicely.
Well, I don't understand it, since similar integration exists for Drupal.


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That's because it's a drupal module, not a core feature. Nothing stopping anyone from making an add-on for OG that does the same, though.


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That Drupal Module shows your Scribd documents in your Drupal page, but it cannot show your documents that are not at Scribd.

As Pet has said, you can made an add on that shows your Scribd documents, but the documents must be at your Scribd account.
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