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Encrypt/Decrypt for content security
« on: August 26, 2009, 04:02:42 AM »

as already explained I think it could be seriously interresting to be able to encrypt some kid of data.

Because we need to keep our project secured I saw there is two already functions cp_encrypt and cp_decrypt that can be used to encrypt data when creation and can be decrypt when reading data.

Admin must decide which object (note, contact, task) field (description, phone number, ...) must be encrypt by all users.

When a user create a note, a contact or a task he must just check the checkbox telling this data field must encrypted.

(And later (when the hierarchy of context users will exist) only the user of this hierarchy that have the same accreditation or upper one will be able to see this encrypted data.)

This allow to protect the database content for good idea we don't want to share with people that try to read our database and then thief good ideas.

It prevent also to thief contact data. Not needed to explain here.

Sincerely thanks to try to enable this as soon as possible.

Three thinks to do :
1) admin decision by telling which field must be encryptable or not
2) insert checkbox near the encryptable fields on object (note, ...) creation to tell this field must be encrypted
3) applying the cp_encrypt when data saved if the encrypt checkbox is enabled and use cp_decrypt to display encrypted fields.

Have a nice day,

Miguipda ;-)