Author Topic: On the use of activeCollab as the first framework  (Read 4098 times)


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On the use of activeCollab as the first framework
« on: June 20, 2007, 04:06:38 PM »
I will try to explain my idea of how I think we could use activeCollab as the first (replaceable) framework for OpenGoo.

What is missing from activeCollab to make a competing WebOffice? I think it is good document handling.

Basically, the idea is to insert Google docs management into activeCollab (this is blunt I know, but I have to get it out quickly, sorry)  ;)

This is how activeCollab handles documents:

And this is what it should look like (kinda, and without plagiarizing)

Then, the creation links should open - in a new browser window or tab:
  • New Document: An embedded FCKEditor
  • New Spreadsheet: An embedded TrimSpreadsheet
  • New Presentetoin: An embedded S5 Editor

Of course, many other formats could be uploaded, but not necessarily editable (let each user handle that, if they can/want).
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