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Off-line work
« on: September 25, 2007, 05:02:54 PM »
The most common argument against the Web Office is the "What if I don't have an Internet connection?" question.

While it is true that Internet connection reliability improves by the week, there will always be a case for lost connection for many years to come.

We also know that something will come up in the next few years (months?) that will allow this to be done very easily. But we don't know what or when, right? - At least I am not too convinced by Google Gears yet.

So my questions are:
    When should OpenGoo start addressing this issue?
    How are we going to address this issue?

Zoho is both using Google Gears and working on a MS-Office plugin - Thanks to Marcos "El Cabeza" for the last link).
- Hey, this guys don't cease to impress me!

Zimbra and Think free are doing something about it too.

Any ideas?
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