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The overall of it all
« on: November 15, 2009, 08:20:29 PM »
Yes, it's me, Big Bear again.  Here to think out loud and give everyone a headache simultaneously.

I look at OpenGoo and I say to myself " what is this good for?

I think of comparisons to other cloud offerings, such as Google apps, and I say, "realistically, how is this to be used?"

I am a huge proponent of private clouds, as public cloud services scare the heebeejeebees out of me.

First and foremost is communications and interaction.

This means email and chat or IM type of communication to co workers.

I think out reading a pdf or a report, letter to a customer/client that the secretary/office manager put together, this m

being able to share the emails from clients or suppliers, etc.. with other co workers to illustrate a point or position and have the  same info in front of everyone.

 I do not see any online suite being used to create extensive reports or forms or heavily detailed spreadsheets or excessively elaborate presentations.

I do expect those documents to be readable/reviewable if not editable/creatable.

Communication, more than anything, communication.  Log in, check my company email, see anything my co workers want me to see, check the calendar the boss has set up, appts the secretary or office manager has added.  IM and group IM is a must.

collaboration next.   i want to make a comment or bring to a co workers attention a letter, a document an email that I am in possession of or they are and examine it together, get some clarification. that kind of thing.

OpenGoo needs first and foremost support for more file formats.   I should be able to read dang near anything.  I also really think that because the PDF format is so pervasive in the business world, it has a singular presence in OpenGoo.

There is no point 'competing' with an OpenOffice or MS Office because the work those are designed for is more in tune to "big' projects that are much more data intensive,  that once completed, can be uploaded to an OpenGoo and commented on/collaborated on.

OK, just my two cent.

I want you to know  I really think OpenGoo has a tremendous amount of potential in the 'private cloud' arena, especially for my particular niche interests.  (small biz, schools and non-profits).  Your direction on collaboration is already right on target and the scheduling /calendar features are well on their way as well.

I guess  I should say is let's not re-invent the wheel because the wheel is not what's needed in this situation.

I don't know if I am communicating what's in my head clearly or not, or if I am just rambling again.  So, I'll stop now.

 I expect great things from opengoo

Big Bear