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Changing Time Increments
« on: January 13, 2010, 11:35:48 PM »
Currently for events, the Times are in 15 minutes Increments for the Time and Duration Fields.

I was able to change the duration in the "Edit Event Details" Section ith the following code in application/views/events/event.php:

Code: [Select]
<?php echo lang('CAL_HOURS'?> <select
name="event[durationmin]" size="1" tabindex="160">
// print out the duration minutes drop down
$durmin array_var($event_data'durationmin');
for($i 0$i <= 59$i $i 5) {
echo "<option value='$i'";
if($durmin >= $i && $i $durmin 5) echo ' selected="selected"';
echo sprintf(">%02d</option>\n"$i);

But I am not able to find where to switch the increment for the Time and Duration for the QuickAdd section when click the calendar to add the event.

Does anyone know how to change the Fields in Time(edit even details),Time(Quick Add), and Duration(Quick Add) to reflect 5 minutes increments instead of 15?

Thanks in advance.