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Activity Widget
« on: November 12, 2010, 12:43:52 PM »
I really Like the Activity Widget!   :-*
I like it so much that if you would have announced about this Activity widget on your status update on Facebook I would have Pushed that "Like" button immediately! Maybe even Commented on it!

The Activity widget gives Feng Office a sense of Social, Web 2.0 feeling.. "Something is happening"... "Things are moving forward"... "People are Active here". That kind of feeling. And I LIKE it. That's just what any project or collaboration is about. Activity.

Now to my proposal and Idea of Future development of this widget:
Wouldn't it be GREAT that instead of you announcing about this Activity widget on your status update on Facebook - and me "Liking" it, or Commenting on it there on Facebook. But that all of this actually could take Place from Within a Teams Feng Office installation - from the Activity Widget itself. That this was one of the FUNCTIONS of the Activity Widget. So that people can Work together there, but not have to move to other Forums to Talk.

  • Users can see the Activity of other users. (i.e. Admin logged in)
  • Users can Write their STATUS update Directly from the Activity Widget on the Overview Dashboard (i.e Admin writes his first status... "Hello World!")
  • The status update shows up in the Activity stream (i.e. "We just updated the new Activity widget! Now you can post your Status updates in the Activity stream! Check it out!")
  • Users can COMMENT on that Status update (i.e. "What the heck!!? GREAT WORK GUYS!! You ROCK! Three THUMBS UP!!!")
  • People can Click on the users profile picture to get to their profile page and see only the statusupdates and activity from that person

In this scenario you will open up for a more "Social" collaboration and not limit users to have to create notes or documents. A Note is a note. A document is a document. But a Status/Announcements/Post is CONVERSATION. This also solves the issue which was discussed lively in this thread:

Imagine a room full of people working together. Would you prefer our collaboration is that I give you a Note? - to keep the room silent...? or can we TALK to each other directly? I definately prefer the latter... Make Feng Office an Office you can talk directly to you team members!

I'll give you a link to another collaboration app that is moving in this direction. Check out TeamBox! I prefer Feng Office due to many reasons, but I must say... When it comes to Social Collaboration, TeamBox has some great features.

The Activity Widget - as Forum for Status updates and comments to open up for conversations

Thanks for listening!
And thanks for a Great app! (I LIKE it!  ;) )