Author Topic: Customize pop3 port of Email  (Read 2788 times)


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Customize pop3 port of Email
« on: December 01, 2008, 09:14:35 AM »

- add Field:pop3_port ที่ Table:og_mail_accounts



- edit File:BaseMailAccounts.class.php add line 25 with
'pop3_port' => DATA_TYPE_STRING,
- edit File:BaseMailAccount.class.php add function

- edit File:add_account.php (mail) add
<label for="mailPop3Port"><?php echo lang('pop3 port')?> <span class="label_required">*</span>
<span class="desc"><?php echo lang('mail account pop3 port description') ?></span></label>
<?php echo text_field('mailAccount[pop3_port]', array_var($mailAccount_data, 'pop3_port',110),
array('id' => 'mailPop3Port', 'tabindex'=>'6')) ?>

replace tabindex +1 for next field

- edit File:MailController.class.php at function:edit_account add
'pop3_port' => $mailAccount->getPop3Port(),

- edit File:MailUtilities.class.php at function:getNewPOP3Mails replace from
$pop3->connect ($account->getServer());
$pop3->connect ($account->getServer(), (int)$account->getPop3Port());

- edit File:emails.php ที่ \language add line
'pop3 server' => 'POP3 Server',
'pop3 port' => 'POP3 Server Port',
'mail account pop3 port description' => ' This is the port in which the server listens to the POP3 Service. The default and most common value is 110.',