Author Topic: help to scope: Email screen to show emails converted to tasks  (Read 2448 times)


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help to scope: Email screen to show emails converted to tasks
« on: January 17, 2011, 10:24:00 AM »

We use the "create a task from this email" functionality.  This takes an email and turns it into a classified, assigned, prioritised task - really useful in a support environment.

However, the process is not sufficiently user-friendly.  I propose the following changes.

please let me know:
If you have comments, suggestions or coding pointers
If you can assist with coding
If you can tell me how to make the changes in a way that they can be incorporated into the next version

Change 1: Make it quicker to use the function

On the email list screen, in the actions column, add a new button (next to the reply and forward buttons).  This button triggers "create task from this email".

Change 2: Identify emails already linked to a task, so that we can see which emails need "tasking".

The button added in Change 1 now has two purposes.  If no task is linked to the email, use functionality from change 1.  If there is already a task, use a slightly different button (e.g. has a green tick).  Clicking on the link takes one to the task.

Change 3: Filter emails with no tasks/with tasks

On the email filter toolbar, add another filter that has a drop down for Emails linked to tasks, Emails not linked to tasks

Change 4: After using "create task...", go directly to the task so that you can deal with it.