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Feature requests / Re: Spreadsheet module
« on: May 21, 2009, 11:13:22 pm »
for me it's easy to answer: It's simply not an "office" type product, it's an "online colaboration" type product and it has - in my opinion - more then the basics for an "online colaboration" type product.

On OpenGoo's "About" page, it clearly boasts:

- Text documents
- Spreadsheets (coming soon)
- Presentations
- Task Lists
- E-mails
- Calendars
- Web Links
- Contacts

and when you go into the demo, you can clearly do word processing, and all the other things on the above list (except, of course, work on a spreadsheet) within OpenGoo.

Granted, its collaboration capabilities are clear... and potent.

But it is an office app... albeit a web office app.

And wishing won't change that.

I would never use word processing, spreadsheet or presentations in OpenGoo, I would simply continue to use my loved OpenOffice.

Understood... though that's obviously not good enough for what I'm looking for, else why would I have started this thread?

Let's stay focused, here, shall we:  Is the promised spreadsheet capability going to become reality in the reasonably near future, or isn't it?

That's the salient point of this thread.

Feature requests / Spreadsheet module
« on: May 21, 2009, 04:56:48 pm »
I'm new here (which is to say that I've finally registered so I can post something after being a lurker around here for a while), so maybe what I'm about to write won't be appreciated very much...

...but, honestly, the delay in getting a spreadsheet module included in OpenGoo is starting to get ridiculous.  

Even the most basic version of Microsoft Office has word processing, spreadsheet, and presentations.

Even the various open source (or fee based) Microsoft Office competitors offer, as part of its "office" suite, those three things:  Word processing, spreadsheet, presentations.

In fact, the word "office" has come to mean, word processing, a spreadsheet and presentation capability.  Those three things are the basics.

And (and this is just my opinion, mind you... and I'm nobody, but) it seems to me that If this suite wants to be taken seriously, then it absolutely has to have,  at the very least, the basics.

I've held-off recommending OpenGoo because I consider it to be woefully incomplete... and I don't mean because of any of the things which so many people who post here think should be included in it.  Those things are just extras, as far as I'm concerned.  I consider OpenGoo woefully incomplete because no suite which calls itself and "office" suite should dare to do so until and unless it has, at the very least, the basics:  Word processing, spreadsheet, presentations.  A database would be nice, but if you look around at what others commonly think of as an "office" suite, even that would be more along the lines of an "extra."

So, please... someone tell me, once and for all... with accuracy... is this something to which we can look forward soon?  Or should I just take OpenGoo off my radar as something to which I'd be willing to recommend to anyone?

I'm sorry to come across as being so irritated and impatient.  But the true is, I really am kinda' almost a little tiny bit irritated.  This has gone on long enough.

And I know, I know... it's open source, and so things happen when they happen, and this is no one's full-time job, and we should count our blessings that OpenGoo's even as good as it is... yadda, yadda, yadda.  I get all that; and I appreciate it....

...but whenever anyone stands-up and declares that he/she has created something and are offering it to the world as a certain kind of thing which he/she expects to be taken as seriously as other things of its type out there in the universe, then he/she needs to expect to be criticized if the reality doesn't quite match-up with the promise... no matter how magnanimous was the effor in the first place.  One of my complaints about the open source community is that it has this nasty habit of saying, in effect, "here, look at this cool new thing we created... use it... rely on it... standardize upon it..." and then when someone who does takes them to task about anything related to it, the creators suddenly play the "hey... it's free... so shut up" card (or something akin thereto).  I consider such an attitude not only immature and generally clueless, but bordering on cruelty.  It's arrogant, at the very least.

So, then, I ask to be taken seriously about this criticism:  Why doesn't OpenGoo, as an "office" type product, boast the basics.

A least the basics.  And in a reasonable timeframe.  Hasn't the spreadsheet capability been "coming soon" for well over a year, now?  Maybe longer?  If so, then by what dictionary does everyone around here define the word "soon?"

Again, sorry to be behaving so curmudgeonly about it... but it's just grating on me.  Is it going to happen, or not?  And if "yes," then in my lifetime? (I'm 52... so, that's actually a semi-serious question.)

Gregg L. DesElms
Napa, California

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