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Announcements / Re: Feng Office Mobile!
« on: July 14, 2011, 06:24:07 pm »
I would suggest a navigation like this:

Beginning from the home screen (H) you can swipe vertically to switch between the workspaces and horizontally to reach the specific pages like mail, documents etc.

H  a  b

1 a1 b1

2 a2 b2

When you are at documents within your own workspace u can easily switch between all other documents pages. with the zoom gesture you could reach a screen with two drop-down menus to select the specific page you are looking for.
Don't forget to add a breadcrumb : )

To avoid a conflict between switching pages vertically and scrolling you might have to enter a page you selected with the zoom gesture or a double tab.

On the home screen I'd display recent milestones, activities, emails, added/ changed notes, etc.. and on top my tasks and to dos.
Each one is represented with an icon and the typical notifications circle in the upper right corner.

The view mode within might be lists. When editing a text the options are only visible when not displaying the keyboard.

What do you think?

In any case I am sure, that you will develop a great mobile solution.

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