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As i just managed to ship around some obstacles while upgrading fo 1.7.5 to 3.4 i´d like to note some hints.
0. Don´t forget to backup DB an backup Files

Up to 1.7.5 fo was running smoth on shared hosted servers.
Since 2 and definitely with 3 on your own server you will need a dedicated machine to have fun with.
#1  Check Server Requirements
Note that you will have to reload your webserver several times and check all kind of options if you run on errors.

Upgrading from 1 to 3 can be tricky so  RTFM and
#2 Install clean versions with clean dbs of fo, so you know everything is running fine.

While upgrading the db, if you got errors on missing or unkown tables:
#3 Export those tables from a clean version an import them to your migration db. Start again.

After installation you might experience blank screens.
#4 go back to 1. check php Version, check if the right version us actually used.

After changing some options (dimension selection tags) you get nothing but the header and a blank screen until you reload your webserver (see point #1)
After changing the task view option from date to date and the selection will only be displayed AFTER RELOADING your apache server (see #1)
AND NO tasks or only few are displayed unless you restart/reload your webserver:
#5 Disable Caching (in my case APC) in PHP

These are only hints/notes, and you will have to ask google for some more information on webserver administration if you run on errors while installing or upgrading fo.
Perhaps you have some more learnings, why not add them here.

Best wishes and a peacefull new year,

Feng Office 2 / Administration Email-Accounts missing
« on: April 24, 2012, 07:46:39 pm »
Hi, First at all, thanks for all the work on feng office. I have a productive 1.7.5 running and it does its job quite well.

But now looking at, logged in as Super User  i am missing the E-Mail Account configuration option in Administration. Especially the Account Permissions to give users the permission to send mails with a common mail account like :.) ist missing. At least in my installation...

If i give it a try and use the same link in as in 1.7.5
Code: [Select] it just gives me
Code: [Select]
Fatal error: Class 'MailAccountUsers' not found in [...]office/application/views/administration/mail_accounts.php on line 39
Allthough some Mail-Account information is displayed in simple html.
So am i on the wrong track and has there been a basic change in mail configuraton,or am i just missing something.

My Feng 2.0 installation is from scratch, no update.

Best, sim.

[UPDATE] Bug 3908 "It is not possible to give rights to email-accounts/to view all email-accounts" in Mantis    reflects the same issue.

Reported By:                PetterSandvik
Assigned To:                franponce87
Project:                    FengOffice 2.0 (public)
Issue ID:                   3908
Category:                   Plugins
Reproducibility:            always
Severity:                   minor
Priority:                   normal
Status:                     confirmed
Date Submitted:             2012-04-08 09:02 CDT
Last Modified:              2012-05-22 09:02 CDT
Summary:                    It is not possible to give rights to
email-accounts/to view all email-accounts
In the i cant see the list of email-accounts - and i cant manage the
rights to read, write etc for each account anymore.

 (0000960) franponce87 (administrator) - 2012-05-22 09:02

That is right. We still have to work on this feature to have it back, but it is
not our top priority right now.

Best regards,

Issue History
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2012-05-22 09:02 franponce87    Note Added: 0000960                          
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