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Community Contributions / Task
« on: May 18, 2015, 01:15:35 am »

I would like to know how to arrange the comments (in tasks) so as to show the latest entry first.  My installation arranged it that comment 1 is the first, then if you would like to view the latest one, its in the bottom of the page.

Those that were setup before I arrived is setup to display the latest as the 1st you'll see and the #1 is at the bottom (ideal arrangement).

My next query is to disable the Time Tracking. Each task displays 2 buttons, "Start Work" and "Add Work."  Previous ones (again) do not have those.

BTW, this is an old instance along with other projects (instances).  However, I created a server for this and transferred the database as well as the upload folder, everything seems normal until I was asked on what happened to the task (query above).

We are using v.1.7.5.


How To's / Some Workspaces missing when viewed in WinXP
« on: March 25, 2015, 05:59:59 am »
Hi again,

We are using FO 1.7.5 due to Custom Properties in which you can customize the Workspace.

Enough for the intro.  Recently, one of our bosses asked one of our user why she can not see a project/workspace.  Of course, the user has the Project encoded and updated and even have the boss subscribed (and I double-checked the workspace permission to be correct).  However, the project is not showing in the left panel even if we tried to search it.

We then isolated the problem by logging into the computer (boss' computer with XP) with the user's account and the workspace/project is still hidden.  Luckily, the boss have another unit, a laptop with Windows 7 installed and using her account (the same FO account she logged in earlier), she was able to review the project.

Now, we still have a bunch of Windows XP left, about less than 10% of our overall computers which are now mostly Windows 7.  The XP machines are on non-critical, but still important, as you may have noticed, deployment.  These are LAN only without internet access.

BTW, we are using Firefox to access FO.

Have anyone else experienced this issue?  Is there a fix or a work-around it?

Many thanks!


How To's / Slow operations
« on: March 25, 2015, 05:37:09 am »

I would like to ask if there are some of you who are experiencing some slow server response when opening a Workspace?  I have 5 instances of Feng Office (1.7.5)...about 1 or 2 instances are loading pretty slow (about 10-25 secs) considering these are all inside the network.  The database files are not that big...just about 12 MB and the other one is 15MB.

Has it got something to do with simultaneous connection to the project/instance?

Thanks and regards,


How To's / Uploading a file
« on: September 20, 2014, 04:33:39 am »
For a reason (of Workspaces not having Custom Properties in recent versions), we are using an old version (1.7.5) so please bear with me. An additional burden is I'm fairly new to Feng Office.

Now, on with the question.  Whenever we upload a file/folder (from our file server) via weblink, our Feng Server always adds a prefix of itself "<server_ip>/fo_instance" to the file.  So clicking to open the file/folder always fails.

What we are doing:
1.  On the "Documents" tab, we will click on New | Upload a file.
2.  We will select "Weblink" (the other option is file) and provide the URI in the Weblink:* field.
       ex.  \\file_server\shared folder
       ex.  \\file_server\shared folder\some file.txt
3.  Check (and maybe) edit the New Filename.
4.  Click "Add file" button.

However, when opening the path or file by clicking on the link, browser returns an error that the requested URL is not found on the server.  Upon checking, the link has become:
     h t t p ://ip_of_feng_server/feng_instance/\\file_server\shared folder
     h t t p ://ip_of_feng_server/feng_instance/\\file_server\shared folder\some file.txt

*edited the h t t p prefix because the board does not acceppt links.

What would be the best solution so that when users click on the Url, the file or location will open either in the browser or in file (windows) explorer?

Hope to hear solution here.

Thank you in advance!


How To's / Auto notification or subscription
« on: September 02, 2014, 03:46:01 am »

I would like to ask if there is such thing as being automatically subscribed to a workspace and be informed of changes from creation until the project finishes?

I'm using v.1.7.5.



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