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Feng Office 3 / SMTP Mail Sending
« on: January 13, 2015, 05:56:30 am »

I have just recently installed feng office 3.0-rc, and so far loving what I see, however there is one problem.  Although it can receive my emails perfectly, it will not send them, no matter what I try.

So for I have tried:
Using the normal SSL connection to my hosts smtp server, that never worked
Searched the forums, they suggested not using ssl
Spoke to my host to enable non SSL smtp on my account
still not working
had a look at the code, it is beyond my level  :o

Here is the log file for a send:

Okay, for some reason it is not letting me post my log here, or a link to the log so lets try this:

copy and past the below into a browser

Why a support forum does not allow log file snippets is beyond me :(

if someone could help me fix this, I would be a very happy chap. :)

Thanks in advance

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