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If you see nothing in the selection boxes, you have a data error - it will be visible in the HTML source of the page.  All of the troubleshooting steps for that are listed early in this thread, probably within the first three posts...

Sorry, I don't know what you're referring to - I have not used or supported this mod for a very long time.

These instructions are for jsGantt which is java-based, and does not use flash.  If you can be more specific, perhaps I can point you in a direction, but I am no longer familiar with this code or mod.

Sorry, no idea.  I haven't used the Gantt Charts since about version 1.7, if I recall correctly.

Bear in mind this mod was for a version of Feng Office more than a year old.  The code may have changed significantly since then.

Did you try the mysql_upgrade command as indicated?

Search for DELIMITER in this thread, it may fix your issue.

Fantastic, enjoy!

Sorry, I don't have your site / code / database in front of me.  All I can recommend is that you do a text search for og_ and consider changing it to feng_ if that suits your purposes (I cannot say) and that you follow the instructions in the code I created for the Labs tab.

OK, so the last line of that file you just sent me has your error message:

Table 'annosoft_fng2.og_users' doesn't exist

If you're using a Mac, I can't really help.  If that browser works like Firefox, perhaps try to right-click in the frame where the form appears, and select "View frame source".  You may be getting the wrong source, eg. that for the master page but not for embedded frames...

OK, that's the whole file, but I still don't see any of my code in there.

Same exact problem.  Is there an upload limit on files on this forum?  You may want to try zipping it...

Line 533 of that file is only:


Can you please post the updated SQL file. I am really bad at it and i have been trying to run it for about a week now. It just the sql that keeps on giving errors. everything else is fine. Please

I'm sorry, I don't know what updated SQL file you need - if you are asking about the DELIMITER issue, it's not something I ever needed to do as my MySQL instance was fine without it and I can't know how yours is configured.

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