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Here ya go. had to attach it as a text file

That source code is cut off.  I don't see where it gets to my code at all...

Please post the result of your "View Page Source".

Did you read the third post in this thread?  Did you use "View Page Source"?

Your data has something in it that the code doesn't like.  Probably a single or double quote.  Read the first few posts in this thread.  That problem in particular, and its resolution, is probably listed.

The solution for that is probably in one of the first few posts in this thread.  I suspect bad or un-escaped data, perhaps single or double quotes in your workspace names?

Do a "View Page Source" and you will likely see the error message at the bottom of the HTML that tells you what is wrong.

There are no user roles or permissions associated with it.  I believe the Feng people were looking at a more robust solution, but this one was developed to suit our own internal needs, which did not include security.

The first instructions on Page 7 indicate:

For those of you seeing this error, this happened to me also, the problem turned out to be the delimiter used between the lines in the "CREATE PROCEDURE" statements, I changed the delimiter to // right before all the CREATE PROCEDURE statements, and make sure the final "END" for each ends in a // rather than a ;

Then you set the DELIMITER back to ; after the CREATE PROCEDURE statements

Did you change the delimiter the SQL engine expects using the DELIMITER command, or did you just change the delimiter text in your code?  See the sample code on this page:

Glad you got it sorted!  Enjoy!  :)

hidSubmitted is just a variable that is used to determine whether or not the form has been submitted, so I'm not sure why it's throwing an "undefined index" error.

I wonder if there is some missing punctuation in the source file.  Please double-check all of your punctuation near those errors, as that might fix it quickly, especially just before line 215.

Hmmm, can you tell me what version of FengOffice you are running?

I am wondering if I have not kept up with the latest and greatest version?

If it is not too much to ask, could you send me the contents of your lab tab so that I can see all of the errors?

Fantastic!  Glad you got it working.  :)

The answers to each of these questions is contained within this thread, especially the 1604 error, which is covered only 1 or 2 pages prior.

The answers to all of your questions are contained in this thread.  If I could ask you to please read the entire thread, especially the first three messages - all of these questions have been asked and answered.

You probably have some special characters in your workspaces or resources which are causing an error during the query of the database.

This is a MySQL error indicating that your indicated user does not have access to the database.  You can find better information (and a possible resolution) by Googling the MySQL documentation and/or that specific error message.

Remember to redact (remove) your password when posting your code, just to be safe.

Search within this thread, probably just a few pages back, for issues with DELIMITER.  That may help.

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