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That's not PHP, its SQL. Is there an error msg?   On flight to Zurich and have to hang up soon. Run it again if necessary.  :)

I believe so.  Good luck!

Have you typed your database name in at the beginning of the script?

No worries.  Good luck!


Sorry to refer you back into the (quite lengthy) thread, but I believe there are several causes of this error and the fixes are outlined within.


Sorry, I am not a MySQL expert, but I would read the MySQL documentation and Google the error message to find the solution to this particular problem.  Our code does not work for every iteration of MySQL implementation, but most problems like this are easily surpassed with a Google search.

Ah, thank you!


I'm not quite certain what you are asking?  Can you help me understand?

Are you now seeing all of your workspaces?

Can you give me an example of contexts not appearing, or mistakenly appearing at the root level?

You were getting an error referencing a missing procedure, so my previous suggestion was to ensure the procedure (I called it a function) actually existed...

Code: [Select]
PROCEDURE database_xxxxx.get_my_workspaces does not exist
Secondly, you probably cannot drop a VIEW by issuing the DROP TABLE command, you will most likely have to use the DROP VIEW command (referencing my_milestones, my_milestonestoworkspaces and similar views).

This would be exceptionally useful for the Gantt chart view - each task can have a URL associated with it, and it would be great to be able to click on a task and jump to it!

It would appear your script did not run completely, try running it again, and then ensure that the function in question does exist.  Also make sure you are referring to the correct database in your settings in the index.php file (near the GIMME_GANTT tag).

Please read the instructions inside the index.php file - it tells you how to set up your database connection, either by including the settings right inside the index.php file itself, or by referencing a file one level above called chartglobal.php that contains the settings.

With frequent updates, it's easier to keep the settings in a separate directory so they don't constantly get overwritten (or accidentally shared with the world).

Here's his response(s)...

A few things to check….in this order preferably

1.   He has the latest scripts we loaded?
2.   What happens if he calls the stored procedure through Toad?
3.   He is on version 5.1.36, w are on 5.1.44.  It could be here…?
4.   It looks like he is getting the error when running this particular part of get_my_tasks1 (cast(concat(77777,`og_project_tasks`.`id`) as char(16) charset utf8)), if so, then he should try playing with the cast function on it to convert it to a more appropriate collation setting for him, or perhaps removing it altogether.

That should give some things to try….

My SQL guru Kevin is taking a look into it.  We're not really MySQL or collation experts however  :-[

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