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Ah understood.  Thank you.

The SQL changes from time to time as we add improvements, so it might only help for a little while to post updated code.

We've gone ahead and made everything lowercase in the scripts and the code if I'm not mistaken, so that part is fixed.

I don't have phpmysql so I can't vouch for the delimiter problem.

Sorry, I don't understand.  Is there a reason you are trying to attach it to the forum?

The answer may be in this thread, regarding the delimiter option.

How To's / Re: How to assign a work to a Group
« on: May 17, 2010, 11:47:25 am »
If each person only belongs to one group, you can assign them to a company and assign tasks to the company.

However, if each person belongs to more than one group, it cannot be done today.

I'm not sure I'd understand the output  ;D ::)

We've added a new version, 13.1, for all you users with systems which are case-sensitive.  The code and the object names are now all lowercase.  Sorry for the issues you were having.  This version also contains some speed improvements.

@WiZaxx: That does seem mighty full-featured.  8)

@cabeza:  As a bare-bones get-started, it would be enormously helpful to know how to manage the workspace / milestone / task tree...  How to build it and how to traverse it.  Second would be how to query the security information to know if someone should have access to a document (or not).  I think that would be a beginning to facilitate the most possible plug-ins.

Development / Re: How to add ZENphoto (gallery) to FO
« on: May 11, 2010, 09:51:55 am »
Very nice :)  I like ZenPhoto, I may replace my Coppermine someday with it.

Many of us are referring to the "Hello World" thread from long ago, which is just a little bit out of date.

Maybe we should start a new thread called "How to Add a Tab to FengOffice" and be more clear/concise with the instructions.

At this point, I'd settle for a list of classes and what they do...  That could be fleshed out with their methods, events and properties and what they in turn do...  And a simple little diagram would be just peachy.  Something hand drawn on a napkin would be better than what I've got now.

I haven't had any reports for several days, and I continue to monitor the forums (the English ones) at least once a day.  Sorry, I don't speak the other languages well enough to be effective.  :-[

You still have permissions problems that need to be resolved, the error is the same.

Code: [Select]
execute command denied to user 'user'@'localhost' for routine 'database.get_my_gantt'

Just so I understand, your user name was actually "user", but when you changed it to "root", you no longer got the privilege error?  If that is correct, please review your privilege settings for the user name "user" as there is still something wrong with them.

Regarding the second error, is the name of your database actually "database"?  If you post the page source as a .TXT file (I won't open any other type of file from a forum) I can take a look and see where exactly you are getting the error which may help in adjusting your configuration.

Worst case, try running the setup script again with root privileges to ensure all structures are created correctly.

I'm assuming you have a new installation of Feng Office that only contains that one test workspace that is showing?

As you add workspaces, resources (people) and tasks to Feng Office, you will see the boxes start to populate with that data, and you can select one or more workspaces, and/or one or more resources, and then click "Submit" to generate a gantt chart of all the tasks associated with what you picked.

If you have more workspaces and resources than are showing on the screen, then there is a problem with data or security in MySQL and you can tell by viewing the source of the iframe below the selection screen - instructions are probably in the third post of this thread, under "troubleshooting".

darkbalder has a new method of integrating gantt by a patch, and to avoid confusion with a possible upcoming release of this method I've moved his thread to:

I downloaded the gnu32 toolset, and tried to apply the patch to a 1.6.2 installation but it force-exited after failing on the first attempt to patch the controller file.

We may be uploading a new version of feng_gantt shortly, and to avoid confusion, let's start a new thread to talk about this new method of integrating jsGantt. :)

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