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Redirection problem
« on: March 03, 2009, 05:53:33 pm »

I install 1.3 beta in my machine, inside UniServer. It worked fine.

But then, I tried to istall it on a win 2k3 server with XAMPP and I changed the server name and port. inside the server everything worked fine, but outside, seems like the redirection to localhost makes something weird.

I changed the main URl to <myservername>:8000, and it fix the problem, but when I enter the site, lots of missing lang.js appeared.

I copy the language folder inside public/assets/javascript, and it fix the problem.

Seems like something is happend with main url


jack h


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Re: Redirection problem
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2009, 10:05:15 am »
I'm not sure if I understood correctly the problem, but it could be that OpenGoo defines a ROOT_URL constant in config/config.php (that you can set during the installation), and this ROOT_URL will be used all over OpenGoo. So if you installed OpenGoo through http://localhost/... the ROOT_URL by default will be that one (unless you specifically change it), and when you try to access OpenGoo through another URL it will redirect you to http://localhost/...

If you need to be able to access OpenGoo through several domains you could define ROOT_URL as the path in the server (e.g., instead of 'http://localhost/path/opengoo' it would be '/path/opengoo'). However, when you receive notification emails with links, these will point to /path/opengoo, which isn't a valid URL on its own.