Author Topic: 1.5.3 editing tasks in a template  (Read 2373 times)


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1.5.3 editing tasks in a template
« on: October 20, 2009, 10:22:02 am »
Every time I try to edit a task within a milestone that has been attached to a template (from the edit template screen) I get a server 500 error.

I get the error both when I click on the edit icon in the template view, in the milestone view, and clicking edit when viewing the task (all inside the template edit screen)  I can edit the tasks when the template has been assigned to a workspace, just not as a template.  Also for some reason, every time I add the template to a work space, any subtasks are being duplicated.  ie. I get a single of all the tasks under the milestone, but any sub tasks under the main tasks, I end up with two of them.

Lastly in regards to templates, is there any way to have the template alter the due dates relative to the date that you applied the template?  If I had all of the dates set in my original that I made into a template, then every time I apply that template it keeps those dates.. so if the template is a year old, then all of my due dates are from a year ago...

oh, and just what do 'parameters' do?