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email button on contacts page
« on: November 16, 2009, 08:32:53 pm »
I think it would be really nice to go to my contacts screen check off a bunch of the checkboxes next to my contacts and then click on an Email Button.  The application then moves me over to the email tab and all of the contacts that I checked off are in the TO field.

It would also be nice if when I was in a workspace's email tab and I clicked on "New" then that email would be classified with that workspace; AND I would have the option to not classify it, or classify it as another workspace from the email creation screen.  Not unlike every other object where you can assign it to different workspaces as you create them.

Also with emails, I'd like it if openGoo recognized that when I'm reading my mail inside of openGoo and I click on a link in the email to something also inside of openGoo, (like a comment to an event or a new task assigned to me), then the href target would just take me to that object view rather than opening a new window or (with a target="_self") reloading the site.  I think having new windows opening up with goo sessions disrupts the fluidity that I love about openGoo.

I know you may be thinking "you want to be able to come right back to the email right?"

I think that most folks click on the link, a new window is opened and rather than closing the window when they are finished looking at whatever the link pointed at, they just carry on doing their goo business from that window.