Author Topic: [Solution] Additional file types not showing in the dashboard  (Read 4893 times)


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I'm using FO to manage a bunch of Google Sketchup drawings which have the extension .skp. When I started FO and looked at the dashboard, no custom icons were shown in the documents widget, just the unknown file icon (the question mark). The problem seems to be in application/views/dashboard/widget_documents.php: on FO 1.6.2, line 14 reads:
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<div class="db-ico ico-unknown ico-<?php echo str_replace(".""_"str_replace("/""-"$document->getTypeString()))?>"></div>
The ico-ext- part seems to be missing. When changing the line to
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<div class="db-ico ico-unknown ico-<?php echo str_replace(".""_"str_replace("/""-"$document->getTypeString()))?> ico-ext-<?php echo pathinfo($document->getFilename(), PATHINFO_EXTENSION)?>"></div>
the small icons that I specified for the .skp extension get displayed correctly.
AFAICS, the issui is still present in FO 1.7 RC...

BTW: Who decided to have all text centered by default??


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Re: [Solution] Additional file types not showing in the dashboard
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2010, 11:45:52 am »
Thanks a lot eckes!

We'll take a look at it for 1.7.1.