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Case study - international trade
« on: August 16, 2010, 08:54:47 am »
We are a smll business in trading and with many international contacts all over the world. For the running and monitoring of projects, we have introduced Fengoffice as a reliable system. In our group, we use Firefox PRISM to launch FengOffice, because we found that people have more confidence in working with a software that looks being on their PC rather than just another "website". We want to give them the feeling of using a software like any other on their PC.

Each workspace (project) has own priviledges defined. So we can control the access of each of our suppliers or clients very well. The possibility to write comments to each document or note is very handy. The tasks are straight-forward and the email-notification clear.

We place documents for each project in the document folder and make them available for further use. So everybody share the same information. In this way, we decentralize know-how and responsability.

We gradually suggest our close partners to adapt FengOffice as well in order to get people more used to adapting it. 

FengOffice works fantastic and very stable. The appreciate the easy administration and the multi-language capabilities.

What we miss is a online spreadsheet (is in the pipeline we heard) and some better function for control of project steps. But all in all, even after thorough investigations on the market, we can state that FengOffice is by far the most developed and easy-to-use collaboration tool. We absolutely recommend it to workgroups and small to medium sized companies.

Thanks to the Fengoffice team for their great achievement.