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Export All Calendar Events in a Workspace
« on: October 06, 2010, 11:24:29 pm »
I would prefer that the Calendar Export feature would use the "User" filter and "Status" filter settings from the Calendar Tab when exporting events. This would allow you to export the calendar exactly as you are currently viewing it.

Right now, the export feature only exports events for which you have some kind of invitation status (which when you create an event you are given some kind of status). If you didn't create the event or you didn't get specifically invited to the event, then the event won't show up when you export the calendar.

A simple fix I made was to just remove the invitation condition from the SQL statement in the "getRangeProjectEvents" function in the "/fengoffice/application/models/project_events/ProjectEvents.class.php" file. After searching through the code, the only place that currently uses this function is the calendar export feature. This will always pull all events in a workspace whether you have an invitation status for an event or not.

Here is the "$invited" variable in the SQL condition statement that I commented out on line 307 of the "ProjectEvents.class.php" file (in Feng Office version 1.7.2).
Code: [Select]
$permissions /* $invited */
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