Author Topic: contacts list for mailing - trying new function  (Read 5854 times)


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contacts list for mailing - trying new function
« on: April 18, 2010, 07:00:57 pm »
I have a problem with the creation of a contactslist class to have the possibility to send emails to a number of contacts.

My goal is to create a kind of contacts list, aka contactslist, that will group a number of email contacts. When I would send an email to this contactslist, Opengoo will copy the email adresses contacts that the contactslist contain in a text area et will sent the email to the contacts listed in the contactslist. For that, here what I did :

1. I created the model :
   contactslists /
2. I created the application controller called ContactslistController.class.php
3. I integrate in the lang.js files en_us and fr_fr the differents terms that belong to contactslist
4. I create the contactslists table in the database
5. I put a contactslist.png image in the directory .../.../images/16x16/
6. I integrate the ico-contactslist call for the image in the .../../stylesheet/general/layout.css file
7. I integrate a new contact action in the ContactManager.js that allow to create a new contactslist with the new button in the contact panel tab
8. I integrate a new contactslist action in the QuickAdd.js that allow to create a new contactslist with the new button in the header.
9. I create a contactslist directory in the views directory with a add.php file.

I obtain something. I saw the icon and the label in the new button in the header and in the contact panel tab. The label works in english and french. When I do a test with a add.php file that contain a simple helloword, it's working. But when I try to load a real page that try to add contactslist, I got a 500 error. I note that I'm enable to create a new Contactslist class. I do tests with Company class by putting in the controller the code "contactslist = new Company ();" and the add company page appears; I change the code for "contactslist = new Contactslist ();", it's not working.

Help please !

N.B I join a tar.gz folder that contain all files in there folders.

fengoffice 1.6.1